Dress Maker & Illustrator


Welcome to Leveret!

I’m the 30 year old face behind the brand and mother of two. I’ve been an illustrator for 10 years, and a dress maker for four years. I’m based in Leeds, in the UK - and love supporting slow fashion, with a huge passion for thrifting/upcycling.

I sell illustrated alternative pop culture pieces, as well as being a dress maker. Selling artwork had been a side hustling since 2013, when I was at university, but finally became my sole work life in 2019. It all kicked off with a Tiger King sticker pack, and from there I’ve never been so thankful and overwhelmed with your support and love for what I create.

I’ll forever be inspired by 90’s classics like The Addams family, Buffy the vampire slayer, alternative music and true crime. My interests like these go into everything, from what inspires an art print, to what fabrics I choose or garments I make.

Leveret is the evolved form of Witch Crafts, reflecting my growth, not only as an artist but as a mother, wife and women ✨ 

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